Index of Keywords


Stability of oligodeoxynucleotide complexes with cationic phospholipid and peptide carriers

carrier fluctuation

Bias Dependence of Low Frequency Noise in 90nm CMOS

carrier injections

Transient and steady-state dark current in amorphous selenium avalanche radiation detectors

carrier lifetime

New Compact Model for Generation Drain Current Transients in Weak and Moderate Inversions of Submicron Floating-Body PD SOI MOSFETs

Efficient broadband conversion via quantum dots with built-in charge

carrier molecule

Molecular Communication

carrier statistic

Numerical Study of Carrier Velocity for P-type Strained Silicon MOSFET

carrier transit delay

HiSIM-Varactor: Complete Surface-Potential-Based Model for RF Applications

carrier transport

A Semiclassical Study of Carrier Transport combined with Atomistic Calculation of Subbands in Carbon Nanoribbon Transistors

carrier velocity

Numerical Study of Carrier Velocity for P-type Strained Silicon MOSFET

carrier velocity limite

MOSFET-Like Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor model

carrier-based model

A Carrier Based Analytic Model for Undoped Surrounding-Gate MOSFETs

A Continuous yet Explicit Carrier-Based Core Model for the Long Channel Undoped Surrounding-Gate MOSFETs


Synthesis and characterization of La0.75Sr0.25Cr0.5Mn0.5O3- nanoparticles using combustion method

Soybean meal nano scales resistant starch- model carbohydrates for encapsulation of bioactive compounds

carriers transport

Carriers Transport in Quantum Dot Quantum Well Microstructures of Self-assembled CdTe/CdS/ligand Core-shell System


Effect of particle presence on gas phase temperature in the flame spray pyrolysis

Cartesian grid methods

Computational Modeling of Fluidic Micro-Handling Processes


Potential anti-inflammatory properties of biologically-synthesized nanoparticles of gold or silver

MWCNTs and SWCNTs based Nanocomposites for Cartilage and Bone Tissue Regeneration