Index of Keywords

carbon NEMS

Fabrication of Nanometer-Sized Structures by C-NEMS Technology

carbon nitride

Ultrafine Carbon Nitride Nanocrystals Synthesized by Laser Ablation in Liquid Solution

carbon paste

Electrochemical Detection of Alcohol using Enzyme Sensor with Chromatography Paper and its Potential Application as halal Sensor

carbon quantum dots

Characteristics of carbon nano-dots fabricated by the Thermo-electrical Pulse Induced Evaporation

carbon quantum dots for bio-imaging

Luminescent Water Soluble Carbon Quantum Dots for Bio-imaging and Target Drug Delivery

carbon replica

A Grand Canonical Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Textural, Mechanical and Adsorption Properties of Faujasite zeolite Carbon Replica

carbon source

An Effective Way of Anaerobic Digestion of Chicken Manure with Plant Biomass

carbon support

Synthesis of Carbon Supported Nano-Structured Ptni Electro-Catalysts for Fuel Cell

Carbon Supported Catalyst

Predicting PEMFC Pt Catalyst Durability using DFT

carbon-based nanotechnology

Calculated Production Yields in Metallofullerene Series

carbon-encapsulated bimetallic nanoparticles

Laser-induced synthesis of hybrid C-Au-Ag nanostructures: nanoparticles, nanoflakes, nanoflowers


Properties of nonpremixed ammonia-substituted hydrogen-air flames

carbon-lean steelmaking

SUSTAINABLE steel production for the 2030s and beyond: the vision of the European Steel Technology Platform’s Strategic Research Agenda


Novel Reactor Utilizing Selective Heating Catalytic Nanoparticles for Low-Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes

carbon/carbon composites

Health Monitoring of Carbon/Carbon Composites Monitored by Ultrasonic TOF Technique


Synthesis & Mechanical Characterization of Carbon/Epoxy Composites Reinforced with SiC Nano Particles

carbonate apatite

pH-Sensitive Nano-Crystals of Carbonate Apatite Regulate Delivery and Release Kinetics of DNA for Efficient Expression in Mammalian Cells


Sorption of Carbon Dioxide at High Temperatures by Slag


Large Scale Nanocarbon Simulations


A comparison of boron hydride- and hydrocarbon-based thiol derivatives assembled on gold surfaces