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carbon nanotubes

Using Magnetic Impact Coating Technique to Prepare Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites

Effect of Layer Multiplying Extrusion on the Morphology and Properties of PS/CNT Nanocomposites

Thermomechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin / Carbon Nanotubes / Clay Nanocomposites

Novel Aluminum-CNT composites for structural applications

Carbon Nanotube Matrices for implantable Biofuel Cell design

Record resistivity for in-situ grown horizontal carbon nanotubes interconnects

Role of Caveolin-1 in Carbon Nanotube-Induced Stem-Like Cells and Tumorigenesis

Multi-method analysis of multiwall carbon nanotube polymer nanocomposite after photodegradation

Effect of carbon nanotubes on plant growth and gas exchange using Arabidopsis thaliana

Understanding Ru/CNT interactions: A rational design of Ru nanocatalysts

Voltammetric and Impedance studies of Phenols and Its Derivatives at Carbon Nanotubes/Prussian Blue Films Platinum Modified Electrode

Architecturing Carbon Nanotube-based Flexible Solid State Supercapacitor

carbon nanotubes (CNT)

CNT and Organic FETs Based Two-Way Transducing of the Neurosignals

carbon nanotubes (CNTs)

In situ optical investigations into the nucleation and growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes

carbon nanotubes composites

CNT Composites for Aerospace Applications

carbon Nanotubes purity Raman

Rapid Determination of Purity of Carbon Nanotubes

carbon nanotubes transistor

An Amplification Strategy to Label Free Opiate Drug Detection using Liquid-Gated Carbon Nanotubes Transistor

carbon nanotubs

Magnetic Properties Of Iron-Filled Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

carbon nanowalls

Is Aluminum Suitable Buffer Layer for Growth of Carbon Nanowalls?

carbon nanutubes

Current Development Studies of a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Reference Material At National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)