Index of Keywords

carbon nanotubes

Low-temperature growth of carbon nanofibers by selective heating of catalyst

Directed Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Utilizing Plasma Induced Surface Charging Voltage

Individual Carbon Nanotube Cold Field Emitters: Experimental and Modeling Studies of Integrated System Architecture

Thermal Stability of Carbon Nanotubes produced by CCVD of Ethylene by using Different Supports

A novel technique for purification and segregation of CNTs for nano-thin film studies

Development of a novel material for reversible hydrogen storage

Self-assembly of Carbon Nanotubes on Large Structures and on Ceramics

Atomistic-Continuum Simulations of Carbon Nanotubes in LIquids

Strain-induced Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Natural Rubber

Thermal and Electrical Characterization of Polypropylene/Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites

Thermal and Electrical Properties of Polyamide/Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites

Heating efficiency of debundled carbon nanotubes compared to carbon black

A Non-Oxidative Sensor Based on a Self-Doped Polyaniline/Carbon Nanotube Composite for Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of the Neurotransmitter Dopamine

Nano Equipment and Materials for Electronics - Market Needs and Outlook

New developments in the purification, filling and functionalisation of carbon nanotubes

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Network based Biosensors using Aptamers and its Characteristics

Electronic structure of single wall carbon nanotubes under transverse external electric fields, radial deformations and defects

Solubilization of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes with Salmon Sperm DNA

Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites: Role of DNA Functionalized Carbon

Growth and characterization of CNT Forests using Bimetallic Nanoparticles as Catalyst