Index of Keywords

carbon nanotube

Defect reduction of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes by Rapid Vacuum Arc Annealing

Multi-Functional Carbon Nanotube Based Filtration Material

Linear scaling techniques for first-principle calculations of large nanowire devices

First disclosure of a viable semi-commercial single CNT-based FE device

Improve Contacts in Carbon Nanotube Networks by In situ Polymerization of Thin Skin of Self-Doped Conducting Polymer

A High-Flux, Flexible Membrane with Parylene-encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes

Design Optimization of Field Emission from a Stacked Carbon Nanotube Array

Mechanical and Electrical Properties of CNT/Inorganic Nanocomposites by Molecular Level Mixing Process

Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with _-lactalbumin and _-lactoglobulin

Nanolithographic Patterning of Catalysts for Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes

Magnetically associated carbon nanotubes with mammalian cells: flow cytometry characterization and applications

Field Emission Properties of Carbon Nanotube Arrays with Defects and Impurities

Self Aligned Multi-Layer Nano-Gap Electrodes for Fluidic and Magnetic Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes

Formation of Ni/NiO core/shell nanostructures and their attachment on carbon nanotubes

High Resolution Surface Imaging Using a Carbon Nanotube Array with Pointed Height Distribution

PMMA/SWCNTs Composites for Prostate Brachytherapy MRI Contrast Agent Markers

Nanotoxicity Assessment toward the Applications of Carbon Nanotubes as a Small Biomolecule Carrier in Drug Delivery Systems

An Evaluation Criteria of Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Drug Resistant Patients in Need of Alveolar Fibroblasts: Match between Carbon Nanotube Bound Fibroblast Defense and Patient Drug Resistance: NIDHI Criteria

In Vivo Real Time Raman Spectroscopy Detection of Carbon Nanotube Kinetics in Lymph, Blood and Tissues

Chirality Separation of single walled carbon nanotube using microfluidic