Index of Keywords

cost-effective fabrication

Multiple drugs of abuse test for saliva specimen on a single lab-on-a-film-chip using electrochemical immunoassay


Nanocomputer Systems Engineering


How do we, as a society, guide the development of nanotechnology?

cotrolled drug delivery

A Molecular Modeling Approach towards Engineering of Polymer Nanogels for Controlled Drug Delivery

cottonseed oil

Innovative Process for Continuous Esterification of Cottonseed Oil for Synthesis of Biodiesel


Gas Phase Nanoparticle Integration

Coulomb blockade

An Improved Single-Electron-Transistor Model for SPICE Application

Multi-Tunnel-Junction Memory : Analyses of Feasibility for Non-Volatile Memory Applications

coulomb blockade

SPM Investigation of the Electron Properties YSZ Nanostructured Films

Coulomb explosion

Nanocrater Formation via Coulomb Explosion Initiated by Impingement of Highly Charged Xenon Ions with Silicon Surface

Coulomb force

Calculation of the AC Electroquasistatic Sinusoidal Steady-State Coulomb Force on a Conductor Coated with a Lossy Dielectric

Coulomb interaction

Introduction of Micro-Manipulation by Adhesional Force and Dielectric Force

The INGAAS/GAAS Quantum Dots Under Effective and Ab Initio Treatments: Comparison and Results

Coulomb interactions

Long-Range Coulomb Interactions in Small Silicon Devices: Transconductance and Mobility Degradation

Coulomb oscillation

Coulomb Oscillations at Room-Temperature of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors

Coulter counter

A Novel Microscale Coulter Counter for Cell Monitoring and Detection


Preparation of Aggregation Stable Block Copolymer Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Drug Delivery and Imaging


Counting and Sizing of Virus and Protein Aggregates by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)

counter electrode

High-Performance dye-sensitized solar cells with various nanostructured materials as counter electrode

Hollow core-shell structured mesoporous MWCNT/carbon nanofiber composites by electrospinning and silica template as counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells