Index of Keywords

contrast agents

Optimisation of magnetoliposomes for biomedical multi-tasking; potential dual contrast agents and drug delivery vehicles

Gold Nano-Probes as Targeted CT Contrast Agents for In-vivo cancer Imaging

contrast function

Study on the polymeric nanosphere with imaging functionality

contrasting agent

Contrasting agent for magnetic resonance imaging based on nanostructural dispersion of Manganese derivative of phthalocyanine: preliminary investigation results


Microsteping Control of Hybrid Stepper Motor Using Fuzzy Logic for Robotics Application

Concept of an Intelligent Microsystem Structure for Communication with Real Surrounding Space

A Neural-Network-Based-Method on Speed Control of Ultrasonic Motors

Modeling the Fluid Dynamics of Electro-Wetting on Dielectric (EWOD)

IDEA, a CAD Tool for the Design of Deformable Micro-Structures: Extension to the 2D Deformation of Arbitrarily-Shaped Membranes

Modeling hysteresis and creep characteristics of a carbon-nanotube-reinforced electroactive actuator.

Biomolecular activity switch: an application of metallic nanoparticle plasmon resonance

Scalability and Control of Electrophoretic Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles

Wireless SensorSystem with Bidirectional Communications

Express Control of Toxicity and Content of Patulin by Optical Biosensors

Lessons learned from the field, how to protect yourself from occupational exposure to engineered nanomaterials

A Smarter Grid enables Communal MicroGrids

control banding

Risk Identification and Assessment Techniques in the Absence of Toxicology Data on Nanomaterials

control engineering

Solar automated greenhouse

controlled drug delivery

A Novel Biodegradable System Based on BSA/PCL Core-shell Structured Nanofibers for Controlled Drug Delivery

Novel Biphasic Hydrogels for Controlled Drug Delivery