Index of Keywords

capacitive force balanced accelerometer

Electrical Analogue of Capacitive Force-Balanced Accelerometer Used in HSPICE Simulator

capacitive load

A Scalable POWER MOSFET Model with an Integrated Body-Diode Including Reverse Recovery

capacitive pressure sensor

Absolute Pressure Measurement using 3D-MEMS Technology

capacitive pressure sensors

A MEMS Vertical Fringe Comb Capacitive Pressure Sensor for Biomedical Application

capacitive sensor

Behavioral Modeling of a Humidity Sensor Using an Analog Hardware Description Language

Design and Fabrication of the Sensor for Measuring the Human Bladder Volume

capacitive sensors

Low-power / High-temperature sensors and MEMS in SOI technology

capacitive switch

Static Equivalent Circuit Model for a Capacitive MEMS RF Switch

The static behavior of RF MEMS capacitive switches in contact

capacitive transducer

High Sensitivity Dielectric Filled Lamé Mode Resonator for Chemical and Biological Applications


Electro-Mechanical Transducer for MEMS Analysis in ANSYS

Comparative Studies of Novel Capacitive Transducers with Non-Planar Diaphragms

RF-MEMS Voltage Tunable Capacitor using Electrostatic Forces


SOS Gate Capacitance Modeling


Single-Layer Ceramic Capacitors with low dielectric loss


Comparative Analysis of the Glendale Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lakeland, FL Using Bioaugmentation


Higher Order Sigma-Delta Modulator Interfaces for MEMS Capacitive Sensors


A capillary effect based microfluidic system for high throughput screening of yeast cells


Control of solid surface properties by electron beam processing


Simulation of (Self-) Priming in Capillary Systems Using Lumped Models