Index of Keywords


Review of Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes, Synthesis and Applications (overview presentation)

Multilayer BioDerivatized Nanoparticle Composites by Electric Field Directed Self-Assembly

Mechanical Reinforcement of Epoxy Resins using Magnetic Aligned Halloysite

The Study on Nanocellulose and Their Biocomposites

Effect of Cutting Parameters on The Surface Roughness of MWCNT Reinforced Epoxy Composite Using End-Milling Process

Design and Fabrication of a Large Scale Electric Field Array Device for Directed Self-Assembly of Multilayer BioDerivatized Nanoparticle Materials.

Health Monitoring of Carbon/Carbon Composites Monitored by Ultrasonic TOF Technique

Impedance and Dielectric Spectroscopy of Nanoparticulate Films and Composites

Correlating electrical and structural properties in surface layer of carbon nanotube polymer composite

Mechanical Properties of Reduced Graphene Polymer Composites

Inducing Polymer Interphase Formation in the Composite at Low Nano-Carbon Loading

compositionally graded SiGe buffer

A Novel Dual Gate Strained-Silicon Channel Trench Power MOSFET For Improved Performance


A New Analytical Energy Relaxation Time Model for Device Simulation

compressed air

Adsorption-Enhanced Compressed Air Energy Storage


Effects of Surface Properties on the Effective Electrical Gap of Microelectromechanical Devices Operating in Contact

compressible flow

System Model for a Novel No Moving Parts Diffuser Valve Based Diaphragm Actuated Micro Pump

compression methods

Autonomous Agents Design for Digital Network Maximization in Joint C4I System

compression test

Bonding Pad Resistance. A Combined Approach

compressive modulus

Effect of Nanoclay Content on Mechanical Behaviour of TGDDM Epoxy Nanocomposites


Using Proton Exchange Membranes (PEMs) to Revolutionize Refrigeration