Index of Keywords

competitve immunoassay

Multiplexed immunoassays by flow cytometry for detection of Clenbuterol, Chloramphenicol and sulfadimidine with high sensitivity and selectivity


ABC: A double-conversion compiler/solver for nanoscopic calculus


A Simple Description of Turn-induced Transverse Field Dispersion in Micrlfluidic Channels for System-Level Design

complementary TFTs

A Unified Mobility Model for Excimer Laser Annealed Complementary Thin Film Transistors Simulation


Nanocomposites based on Self-assembly of Collagen with DNA

complex adaptive systems

Complex Adaptive Systems – Energy Metrologies for Nanobiomaterials in Artificial Photosynthesis

complex conductivity

Complex conductivity measurement of CNT/Polymer films using a non-contact microwave technique

complex correlator

Microwave Short-Range Interferometric Radar

complex flow

Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Complex Flow Generation in Microchannel

complex fluid dynamics

Complex Fluid Dynamics in BioMEMS Devices

Complex Fluid Dynamics in BioMEMS Devices: Modeling of Microfabricated Microneedles

complex matrix

A New Separation Metric for the Optimization of AF4 Separations of Polydispersed Nanomaterials

complex metal oxides

Gas-phase Production of Monodisperse Ferroelectric Nanoparticles

complex nanoparticles

Formation of complex nanoparticles from a spherical protein (BSA) and two polycations (PDL with two molecular weights) using coacervation method of the polyelectrolytes

complex oxide nanoparticles

Modeling of gas dynamic behaviour of CCSO in nanostructured media

complex permittivity

Complex Permittivity Measurements of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes at Microwave Frequencies

complex potentials

Complex Potentials, Dissipative Processes and General Quantum Transport

complex structures

Controlled production of food emulsion using microfluidics

complex system

Temperature-Controlled Molecular Dynamics Study on Velocity-Dependent Threshold Behavior of Nano-Friction

complex systems

Coupling of FEM Programs for Simulation of Complex Systems