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cancer treatment

In Vitro Delivery of Docetaxel to Cancer Cells by Hybrid PLGA@Organosilica Nanoparticles with Redox-Sensitive Molecular Gates


Molecular Simulation Studies for the Synthesis of Ni Nanowires in Zeolite Cancrinite

canonical representation

MEMS Component Extraction

Challenges in CMOS-MEMS Extraction


MEMS Humidity Structure with Cantilever – Simulation of Behaviour


Resonant-Type Micro-Probe for Vertical Profiler

Modelling and Simulation of Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Behaviour of Si Cantilever with Implanted Strain Gauge

System Identification for Motion of Proteins Using an AFM-based Nanorobotic Manipulation

System Identification for Motion of Proteins Using an AFM-based Nanorobotic Manipulation

Nanomechanical Sensor Platform Based On Piezo-Resistive Cantilevers

Mechanical Nonlinear Generation with Coupled Torsional Harmonic Cantilevers for Sensitive and Quantitative Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Material Characteristics

New reference standards and artifacts for nanoscale property characterization

A New High Precision Procedure for AFM Probe Spring Constant Measurement using a Microfabricated Calibrated Reference Cantilever Array (CRCA)

Feasibility Study of Cochlear-like Acoustic Sensor using PMN-PT Single Crystal Cantilever Array

Micro-Tip Assembled Metal Cantilevers with Bi-Directional Controlability

Deposition of beta-SiC thin films on Si (100) substrates by MOCVD method for NSOM applications

Development of Surface-micromachined Binary Logic Gate for Low Frequncy Signal Processing in MEMS based Sensor Applications

Individually addressable Cantilever Arrays for Parallel Atomic Force Microscopy

Optimized Surface Patterning Tools for Sub-attoliter Volume Fluid Deposition

cantilever array

Nano-Cantilevers for an Ultra-Sensitive Bio-Assay