Index of Keywords


Experimental and numerical investigations of the influence of fluid dynamics on the precipitation of nanoscaled particles

Ultrasound-driven viscous streaming, modelled via momentum injection

A Self-vortical Micromixer and its Application on Micro-DMFC

A lattice Boltzmann study of the non-Newtonian blood flow in stented aneurysm

Numerical Modeling of Microdrop Motion on Digital Microfluidic Multiplexer

The Immersed Surfaces Technology for Reliable and Fast Setup of Microfluidics Simulation Problems

CFD-Assisted Design and Optimization of a Pharmacokinetic Microfluidic System

Effect of Streamlined Design of High-speed Coach on Fuel Economy and Emission

Milling of Nanoparticle Clusters for New Formulation Lubricants

CFD code evaluation

Microflows with Moving Boundaries: Experiment and Simulation

CFD model

CFD-Based PEM Fuel Cell Models and Applications

CFD simulation

High-Fidelity and Reduced Models of Synthetic Microjets

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Droplet and Particle Formation in Electrohydrodynamic Atomization

A Computational Study to Overcome Mass Transfer Limit in Microfluidic Fuel Cell

CFD simulations

Electroosmotic Pumping of Nonconducting Liquids by Viscous Drag from a Secondary Conducting Liquid

Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Complex Flow Generation in Microchannel


Analysis of Sample Transport in Capillary Electrophoresis Microchip Using Full-Scale Numerical Analysis

Computational Design Analysis for In-Plane Microfluidic Valves

Simulation of Flow in Structurally Programmable Microfluidic Channels

Analysis of Physico-Chemical Processes in an Amperometric Oxygen Biosensor