Index of Keywords


Computational Principles of Primer Design for Site Directed Mutagenesis

High Capacity Nano-optical Diffraction Bar-code Tagging for Biological and Chemical Applications

Leveraging Ontologies for Improved Medical Outcomes Assessment: Implementing Medical Management Technology to Drive Innovation

BioGenerator – a Novel Bio-Technology for the Conversion of Hydrogen to Electricity

biotherapeutic formulations

Challenges in the Characterisation of Therapeutic Protein Formulations


MEMS for Drug Screening Applications

Effect of Length of Biotin Modified n-Alkanethiolates on the Formation of a Self-Assembled Streptavidin-Biotin Monolayer on a Gold Surface

Detection of Small Molecule-Protein Binding with Amorphous Silicon Nanostructures

A highly sensitive fluorescent immunoassay based on avidin labeled nanocrystals

Surface Plasmon Spectral Shifts of Functionalized Gold Nano particles for the Use in Biosensors

Attenuated-Affinity Biotin Analogs for Catch-and-Release with Streptavidin

Aerosol manufacturing of plasmonic biosensors with silica coated nanosilver

biotin binding polypeptide

Engineering of bacteriophages displaying affinity tags on its head for biosensor applications

biotinylated monolayer

Formation of Biotinylated Alkylthiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold


An Integrated Transport Model for Tracking of Individual Exocytotic Events Using a Microelectrode

biphasic hydrogels

Novel Biphasic Hydrogels for Controlled Drug Delivery

bipolar charge plasma transistor

Doping-less Bipolar Transistor with fT Surpassing that of Conventional BJT

bipolar circuit design

An Efficient Sectionalized Modeling Approach for Introduction of

bipolar FET theory

The Bipolar Field-Effect Transistor Theory (A. Summary of Recent Progresses)

bipolar field-effect transistor

The Bipolar Field-Effect Transistor Theory (B. Latest Advances)