Index of Keywords


Simultaneous Detection of Salmonella typhimurium and Bacillus anthracis Spores Using Phage-Based Magnetoelastic Biosensors

Evaluation of silver nanostructures fabricated using glancing angle depostion as localized surface plasmon resonance biosensors

Investigation of the Conductance of Silicon Nanowire Biosensors Using the 2D Drift-diffusion Model

Simulation of ac-electroosmotic flows for concentration of particles on biosensors

Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with _-lactalbumin and _-lactoglobulin

Optimization of Phage-Based Magnetoelastic Biosensor Performance

Iridium Oxide Nanowire Monitors for Protein Detection

A Comparative Analysis of Iridium Oxide Nanowires in Electrical Detection of Biochemical Reactions

Micro-Retroreflectors in Immunoassays and Biosensors

Chemically modified polacrylic acid monolayers in alumina nanoporous membranes for cancer detection

Subthreshold Operation of Schottky Barrier Silicon Nanowire FET

Development of a Flow-cell System to Quantify Analyte-receptor Binding Kinetics Utilizing Guided-mode Resonance Sensors

Biochip for minimally invasive blood glucose monitoring

Characterization and Applications of Modified Gold Electrode Sensor with Nanoparticles

Performance Comparisons of Nanoparticle Modified Sensor Electrodes for the Detection of Nitrite and Peroxide

An Amplification Strategy to Label Free Opiate Drug Detection using Liquid-Gated Carbon Nanotubes Transistor

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of CMOS-SAW Sensors

SiCN nanomechanical resonators for array-based biosensor applications

Low-power / High-temperature sensors and MEMS in SOI technology

Fabrication of plastic optical label-free biosensor and Immunodetection of cardiac marker in human serum