Index of Keywords


Plasmon-enhanced Fluorescence Detection of Blood Metabolites in Biosensors

Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes as Platforms for the Design of Biosensors

A Piezoelectric Micro-Cantilever Bio-Sensor Using the Mass-Micro-Balancing Technique with Self-Excitation

A Fiber-Optic Biosensor Based on Monooxygenases and Sol–Gel Entrapped Fluoresceinamine for Trichloroethene and Tetrachloroethene

New Light Induced Molecular Switch allows Sterically Oriented Micrometer Sized Immobilization of Biomolecules

Multiobjective Evolution Strategies for Optimization of Microfluidic Mixing

Nanowire Sensors and Arrays for Chemical/Biomolecule Detection

New Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Utilizing Nanoimprinting Technology

Novel Photonic Technique Creates Micrometer Resolution Multi-sensor Arrays and Provides a New Approach to Coupling of Genes, Nucleic Acids, Peptide Hormones and Drugs to Nanoparticle Carriers

A Simple and Direct Biomolecule Detection Based on a Microwave Resonator

Development of Nanoprobes as Glucose Biosensors

Integrated Techniques for Transmembrane Protein Sensing

A Sensitive Peptide-Nanotube Based Pathogen Assay

Using Surface Plasmon Propagation through Nanostructures for Chemical and Biological Sensing

Layer by Layer Fabrication of an Amperometric Nanocomposite Biosensor for Sulfite

Sensing and Plotting Single Molecule Binding Events with the Atomic Force Microscope

Optimizing antibody microarrays for high resolution SPR microscopy

Nanobiopore: A Novel Nano-Porous Electrode System to Enhance Biosensor Sensitivity

Biosensor for heavy metals using hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorod/nanotube and metal-binding peptides

Stable Self-Assembled Monolayers for sensitive biosensor interfaces.