Index of Keywords


From Micro- to Nano- Patterning: Manipulating the Extracellular Matrix and Directing Cell Organization, Migration & Adhesion

Responsive Materials

Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance – A new technique to determine thickness and refractive index of thin and thick layers

The New OPEC

Bio-ink for inkjet printing of living cells

biomechanical DNA model

Studies on a DNA Double Helicoidal Structure Immersed in Viscous Bio-Fluid

biomechanical testing

IBAD Nanothick Bioceramic Incorporation on Metallic Implants for Bone Healing Enhancement. From Physico/Chemical Characterization to In-vivo Performance Evaluation

biomechanics of the eye

Modeling Fluid Structure-Interactions for Biomechanic Analysis of the Human Eye


Hetero-bifunctional Poly(ethylene glycol) Modified Gold Nanoparticles as an Intracellular Tracking and Delivery Agent

Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide-Gold Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

A MEMS Vertical Fringe Comb Capacitive Pressure Sensor for Biomedical Application

Patterned nanofiber meshes for biomedical applications

biomedical application

Synthesis and Magnetic Characterizations of Manganite-Based Composite Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

biomedical applications

Quadruptlets-Microneedle Array for Blood Extraction

Nanogel Star Polymer Nanostructures of Controlled Size, Molecular Architecture and Functionality: No Assembly Required

A Specific Surface-coating Peptide for Rare Earth Nanomaterials

Controlled Synthesis of Monodisperse Magnetic Porous/Hollow Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications

biomedical implant

Localized Controlled Drug Delivery from Mesoporous Implants

biomedical research

Biotechnology, Drug Discovery, and Biomedical Research In Silico: The State of the Art


Electrostatic Force Microscopy Study of Open-Circuit Photovoltage from a bR/ITO Heterostructure