Index of Keywords


Statistical Theory for Protein Combinatorial Libraries

Detecting Infectious Organisms: A Concerted Approach using Genomics, Molecular Engineering and Nano-enabled bio-MEMS Technologies


Bioinspired Layered Materials with Superior Mechanical Performance Via Interface Design


Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring (QCM-D): Real-Time Characterization of Nano-Scale Interactions at the surfaces


A Clean and Green Route for the production of methacrylic acid and methacrolein from biofuel


Nanoengineered Encapsulation of Organic Microcrystal as Novel Biolabels


Field-induced Dielectrophoresis and Phase Separation for Manipulating Particles in Microfluidics

Characterisation of Native-State Soft Matter using ‘Multi-Mode’ Electron Microscopy

biological activity

Low molecular weight heparin-vectorized _-cyclodextrin nanostructures

biological application

Zeolite Micropattern for Biological Applications

biological applications

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Small Diameter, Controlled Density and Defined Locations Produced from Catalyst-Containing Polymer Films

Pressure driven tough micro pump

Antioxidant activity of fullerene C60 against OH free radicals: A Quantum Chemistry and Computational Kinetics Study

biological barriers

How much advantage do Nanoscale Phenomena afford for Pulmonary Delivery?

biological cell

Modeling of the Deformation of Living Cells Induced by Atomic Force Microscopy

biological cells

A CMOS Lab-On-A-Chip For Neuron Monitoring And Stimulation

biological effect in vitro

The scavenging of reactive oxygen species and the potential for cell protection by fullerenols with different isoelectric points

biological hydrogen production

Improvement of Hydrogen Production by Immobilized Rhodopseudomonas palustris CGA009 Using Reverse Micelles as Microreactor

biological mechanisms

Hardware Realization of Biological Mechanisms Using VHDL and FPGAs

biological motility

Generation of clean energy by applying parametric resonance to quantum nonlocality clocking