Index of Keywords


Effect of Bimodal Micro-Nano Powder Mixture on the Solids Loading and Pressureless Sintering of Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Nitride


Biomimetic High Filler Content Composites using Bisphenol-A Ethoxy Diacrylate


Modeling Electrothermal Plastic Deformation

High Fidelit Loud Microspeaker Based on PZT Bimorph Diaphragm

Analysis and Simulation of Curved Bimorph Microactuators

bimorph cantilever optimization

Optimization of Thermally Actuated Bimorph Cantilevers for Maximum Deflection

binary collision approximation

Kinetic Monte Carlo Study on Carbon Trapping Effect with Pre-amorphized Silicon

binary crystal

Bismuth Triiodide Sheets Assisted Growth of Cadmium Sulfide Binary Crystals and Branched Nanowires in Solution

binary mixtures

Operating Conditions of Binary Mixtures of Biomass Wastes in Spouted Bed Contactors for Using Energy

binary nanoparticles

Surface Modification of Al203 Fiber with Nanoparticles Using a Dry Mechanical Coating Technique

binary oxide

Cu/TiO2-SiO2 Nanostructured Materials for Brain Cancer Treatment


The Effect of Various Binder Additions on the Magnetic Properties of Soft Magnetic P/M Cores


Architecturing Carbon Nanotube-based Flexible Solid State Supercapacitor


Biochemical Binding in Microspheres-Based-Imunoassays

Biochemical Binding in Microspheres-Based-Imunoassays

Modeling of the Kinetics of Capture of Pathogens Enhanced by a Marangoni Flow

Enhancement of E6 Protein Binding on Binding-Orientation-Sensitive Mixed SAMs Molecules

Attenuated-Affinity Biotin Analogs for Catch-and-Release with Streptavidin

binding affinity

3D Molecular Theory of Solvation Coupled with MD for Nanomedical Sciences

binding efficiency

Binding Efficiency Improvement of Antibody to Antigen on Mixed Self-Assembly Monolayers