Index of Keywords

bubble jet printhead

Three-Dimensional CFD-Simulation of a Thermal Bubble Jet Printhead

bubble nucleation

Modeling Nanoscale Plasmon-assisted Bubble Nucleation and Applications

bubble trap

Investigation of Volume of Fluids (VOF) Method and System Models for Design of Microfluidic Ink Delivery Apparatus for Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN)

buccal nanoparticles

Diskettes of mucoadhesive polymeric nanoparticles for oral (buccal) transmucosal delivery of Fluoxetine hydrochloride: formulation and characterization

buck converter

A Scalable POWER MOSFET Model with an Integrated Body-Diode Including Reverse Recovery


Modeling and Simulation of a Stiffness-Controlled Micro-Bridge Resonator

Snap-Through Bilayer Microbeam

Electromechanical Buckling of a Pre-Stressed Layer Bonded to an Elastic Foundation

Modeling and Simulation of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes using Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Modeling and Dynamics of Coupled Dome-shaped Micromechanical Oscillators

Determination of Non-local Elasticity Constants for the Torsional Buckling of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Using Molecular Dynamics

Mapping nanomechanical phenomena of graphene nanostructures using force modulation and ultrasonic force microscopy

buckling deformation

On the Determination of Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Thermal Oxide

bucky balls

Particle Characterization of Nanoscale Materials using Dynamic and Static Light Scattering


A New Semiconductor-Wafer Market Based on the Deepening of Surface Undulations to Form Strongly Textured Atomic Ridges (STAR) With Pitches from 0.6 to 5.4 nm: Model Demonstrations in Electronics and the Physical and Life Sciences


Novel Carbon Nanotube-Biomedical Polymer Composite Platforms for Bioelectrochemical Applications


Nanotechnology for Building Security

building blocks

T-CAD Environment for Multi-Material-MEMS Design

building efficiency

Heat is the Enemy of Energy Efficiency

building integrated photovoltaics

Luminescent Solar Concentrator windows for sustainable electricity generation over agricultural land