Index of Keywords

analog circuit

Critical review of CNTFET compact models

analog circuit analysis and design

Consistency of compact MOSFET models with the Pao-Sah formulation: consequences for small-signal analysis

analog circuit design

Design study of CNT transistors layouts for high frequency analog circuits

analog circuit modeling

Implications of Finite Time Stepping for Transient Sensor Models

analog circuits

Pareto-Optimal Modeling for Efficient PLL Optimization

Analog Design Tool based on the ACM model

analog design

Self-Consistent Models of DC, AC, Noise and Mismatch for the MOSFET

analog design methodology

Static Analog Design Methodology

analog hardware description language

Convergence and Speed Issues in Analog HDL Model Formulation for MEMS

analog mixed-signal sytems

A Method for Semi-Automated Modeling of Analog-Mixed Signal Systems in Automotive Applications based on Transient Simulation Data

analog signal processing

High Accuracy Exponential Function Generator for Analog Signal Processing

analog simulation

Changing the Paradigm for Compact Model Integration in Circuit Simulators Using Verilog-A

analog to digital convertor

Multimodal Nano-Brain-Machine-Interface for Parallel Electrochemical NeuroSignal Sensing

analog-to-digital converter

Simplified Half-Flash CMOS Analog-to-Digital Conveter

analog/RF performance

Analog/RF Performance Analysis of Coaxial Carbon Nanotube MOSFET from non-Equilibrium Green’s Function Simulation


Silver Nanoparticles for the Simultaneous Raman Detection of Anions, Cations and Neutral Molecules

Entropy-Enhanced Genome Analysis in Frequency Domain

Analytical and Computational Solutions to Piezoelectric Bending: A Comparative Study

Analytical Methods for Nanotechnology

The real-time, simultaneous analysis of nanoparticle size, zeta potential, count, asymmetry and fluorescence