Index of Keywords

accelerated testing

Adhesion of moulding compounds. Can material pre-selection increase the reliability of electronic components?

accelerating frames

Modified Nodal Analysis for MEMS with Multi-Energy Domains


System Level Simulation of a Digital Accelerometer

Coupled Electro-Mechanical Simulation of Integrated Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems


Modeling and Characterization of an Integrated FET Accelerometer


Micromachined Accelerometer Design, Modeling and Validation

A Neural Network Approach for the Identification of Micromachined Accelerometers

Analytical Modelling for Accelerometers with Electrically Tunable Sensitivity

Closed Loop Micromachined Inertial Sensors with Higher Order SD-Modulators

Parameter Extraction for Surface Micromachining Using Eelectrical Characterization of Sensors

Design and fabrication of an integrated CMOS-MEMS 3-axis accelerometer

Modeling and Simulation of A Surface Micromachined Triaxial Accelerometer

Design and fabrication of an integrated CMOS-MEMS 3-axis accelerometer

Macromodel of Intelligent Sensor Structure with Accelometer

Design and Modeling of a 3D Micromachined Accelerometer

A Novel Optical Waveguide Based Accelerometer

Characterization of An Integrated 3-Axis CMOS-MEMS Accelerometer

Modeling and Simulation of New Structures for Sub-millimeter Solid-state Accelerometers with Piezoresistive Sensing Elements

Triaxial Accelerometer for Placement Inside the Ear Canal

Calibration and Validation Procedure for Reliable and Predictive High-level Transducer Models Suited for System-level Design