Index of Keywords

adhesion reduction

Evaluation of stability for monolayer injection molding tools coating

adhesion reliability

Multivariant Measurements for Thin Film Adhesion as a Function of Temperature and Thin Film Thickness


Adhesive and Conductive – Inkjettable Nano-filled Inks for use in Microelectronics and Microsystems Technology

adhesive bonds

Characterization of Silane Nanoadhesion by means of Dynamic Force Spectroscopy

adhesive force

Development of Quantitative Adhesive Force Measurement Systems for Flexible Electronics

adhesive wear

Surface tailoring of carbon fabric reinforced PES composites with micro and nano PTFE fillers


Applications of Enzymatic Saccharification Residues as a Fully Biobased Adhesive

adiabatic charge pump

Nanotube in a periodic potential: A conveyer belt for electrons

adiabatic compressibility

Studies of conformational changes induced in a carrier protein: Bovine serum albumin

adipic acid

Stability of Functionalized Magnetic Particles in a Physiologic Fluid


Gold nanoparticles cellular toxicity and recovery

adipose derived stem cells

Microfluidic Control of Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Growth and Positioning

Adjacent Impedance Probing (AIP)

Electrical Detection of DNA Hybridization using Adjacent Impedance Probing (AIP) Method

adjust gate

Junctionless Nanowire MOSFET with Dynamic Threshold Voltage Operation Methodology


Nano-Structured Vaccine Delivery

Lipid nanoparticles for enhancing immune responses to protein antigens


Nano-structured Chitosan Self-Aggregates as a Drug Delivery Carrier

Chitosan Membrane in Combinations with Nanoparticles and Adriamycin as a Treatment to Inhibit Glioma Growth and Migration


Ab initio investigation of Graphene Based Systems


NanoActive Metal Oxides: Unique Materials with Unlimited Potential