Index of Keywords

adaptive refinement

Analysis of Realistic Large MEMS Devices

adaptive resurf

Using ‘Adaptive Resurf’ Technique and Field Plate Working to Improve the Safe Operating Area of n-type Drain Extended MOS Transistors

adaptive subband filtering

Adaptive Subband Filtering Method for MEMS Accelerometer Noise Reduction


Reliability of Atomistic-Continuum Modeling Simulations for Problems in Molecular Statics

adatom clusters

Multiscale Modeling of Self-Organized Mono-layer Surface Atomic Clusters


3-state Quantum Dot Gate FETs in Designing High Sampling Rate ADCs


A Fan-in Bounded Low Delay Adder for Nanotechnology


On the Design of SET Adders

additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Quantum Dot Nano-Inks

3D printing: How emerging materials, applications, and business models will disrupt manufacturing and enhance future innovation

Novel Additive Manufacturing of Tooling with Micro and Nanostructured Surfaces


NanoZeolites - small particles, small pore, big impact! Porous nanoparticles for environmental applications

Novel Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries


Photosensitive Biosensor Array Chips not having the Addressing Circuit


Simulation of Viral Gene Delivery

Targeting Nanoparticles to Tumors using Adenoviral Vectors


Gold nanoparticles as a tool to detect UTI and their cytotoxic effects in DU-145 cells


Large-scale Simulations of Adhesion in Dense Polymer Melts

Introduction of Micro-Manipulation by Adhesional Force and Dielectric Force

Criterion for Electrostatic Detachment of an Adhering Microparticle