Index of Keywords


Droplet actuation on a digital microfluidic chip using a 5 volt battery


Torsional Ratcheting Actuating System

Mathematical Analysis of Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Devices

Modeling and Analysis of Hysteresis Phenomena in Electrostatic Zipper Actuators

Modelling and Fabrication of Microspring Thermal Actuator

Platinum Nanowire Actuator: Metallic Artificial Muscles

Single wall Carbon Nanotube Optical Actuators: Towards Optical Artificial Muscles

Design Optimisation of an Electrostatic MEMS Actuator with Low Spring Constant for an “Atom Chip”

A Bio-Inspired Rotor Powered by a Micro-Bubble

Deposition of functional PZT films as actuators in MEMS devices by high rate sputtering

Shape Memory Alloy and Elastomer Composite MEMS Actuators

Modeling and simulation of a monolithic self-actuated microsystem for fluid sampling and drug delivery

Individually addressable Cantilever Arrays for Parallel Atomic Force Microscopy

Wireless SensorSystem with Bidirectional Communications

Design and Fabrication of a Low Power Electro-thermal V-shape Actuator With Large Displacement

Design and Fabrication of a Metallic MEMS Gripper Using Electro-Thermal V-Shape and Modified U-Shape Actuators

Virtual pivot point MEMS rotary comb actuator with externally mounted mirror for optical applications

actuator plates

Optimization of a Micro Actuator Plate Using an Evolutionary Algorithm and Simulation Based on Discrete Element Methods


Systematic Design of Electrothermomechanical Microactuators using Topology Optimization

Systematic Design and Optimization of Multi-Material, Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Micro Actuators