Index of Keywords

augmented reality

Augmented Reality as an Interactive Tool for Microscopic Imaging, Measurement and Model Based Verification of Simulated Parts


Numerical Study of Flame Acceleration in Microchannel


The Austrian NANO Initiative: Small Country with Strong Expertise


Intelligent Material Solutions Advancing Technologies

auto-classification of sensor readings

Intelligent Data Aggregation in Sensor Networks Using Artificial Neural-Networks Algorithms

autocorrelation function

A Signal Processing Approach for the Analysis of Mechanism of Surface Generation in EDM


Compact Disc (CD)-Based Automated Animal Assay

automated distribution frame

Design and Characterization of a MEMS Thermal Actuator and a Locking Switch for Telecommunication Applications

automated mapping

Automated Crystal Orientation and Phase Mapping of Iron Oxide Nano-Crystals in a Transmission Electron Microscope


An Automatic Macro Program developed for Characterization, Parameter Extraction and Statistic Analysis of Spiral Inductors

automatic differentiation

Automatic Differentiation Technique in Device Model Parameter Extraction

automatic mesh morphing

Finite Element Based Electrostatic-Structural Coupled Analysis with Automated Mesh Morphing

automatic meshing

Intelligent Automatic Meshing of Multilayer CMOS Micromachined Structures for Finite Element Analysis


GRAVI-Chip: Automation of Microfluics Affinity Assay based on Magnetic Nanoparticle

Green Remediation using Renewable Energy and Automation

New microfluidic chip for the production of spherical gelled capsule for cell encapsulation

automation imaging synaps cortex

Automated 3D cortex image data acquisition


Multi-Degree of Freedom Micromachined Decoupled Gyroscope for Automotive Applications

Compliant interconnect technology for power modules in automotive applications

autonomous power supply

Study on Application of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters for Powering of Wireless Sensor Nodes in Large Rotary Machine Diagnostic Systems