Index of Keywords

atomistic simulation

Deformation of Nanocrystalline Metals under Nanoscale Contact

The concept of a representative atomic volume for a grain

atomistic simulations

Effect of impurities in the breaking of Gold nanowires

Atomistic Modeling on Structures of Ultrathin Copper Nanotubes

Atomistic Simulations in Nanostructures Composed of Tens of Millions of Atoms: Importance of long-range Strain Effects in Quantum Dots

atomistic simulatoins

Fast, Accurate Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Surfaces and Membranes

atomistic-based continuum

Atomistic-Based Continuum Modeling of the Interfacial Properties of Structural Adhesive Bonds


A Molecular Motor that Links the Biological and Silicon Worlds

Structural conformations of ATP/Mg:ATP and Mg2+ coordinating dynamics in motor proteins

ATP-independent actuator

Forisomes: Mechano-Proteins that Exert Force in Contraction and Expansion


Structural conformations of ATP/Mg:ATP and Mg2+ coordinating dynamics in motor proteins


Molecular Simulation and Theory for Nanosystems


Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP) as a Tool for the Synthesis of Well-Defined Functional Polymeric Materials

Universal platform for preparation of functional block copolymers

Surface Modification of Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Micro- and Nano-particles with Stimuli Responsive Polymers


Attachment and Spreading of Human Embryonal Carcinoma Stem Cells on Nanosurfaces Using Optical Waveguides


The Use of Taguchi Method to Determine Factors Affecting the size of fine attapulgite particles generated by rapid expansion supercritical solution with and without cosolvents


Monte Carlo Simulation Study of Mechanical Properties of Au Nanowires

The Electronic Properties and L3 XANES of Au and Nano-Au

A New Route to the Formation of Nanoporous Capsules using Block Copolymer Thin Films & Colloids