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a-pillar trim

Application of a Nanoclay-Polypropylene Composite to Efficient Vehicle Occupant Safety Countermeasure Design


Modeling Bias Stress Effect on Threshold Voltage for Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors

A431 cells

EGF conjugated gold and silver nanoparticles for imaging EGFR over-expressing cells

A=T base pair

Structure and Electronic Properties of “DNA-Gold-Nanotube” Systems: A Quantum Chemical Analysis


Replication of nano dimple structures by injection molding with rapid thermal control system

ab initio

Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Aluminum Ion Solvation in Water Clusters

Diffusion Mechanisms and Capture Radii in Silicon

Ab Initio Modeling of Boron Clustering in Silicon

Diffusion Mechanisms and Capture Radii in Silicon

Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Structure and Strength of Si/Al Interface

Ab Initio Simulation on Ideal Shear Strength of Silicon

Ab Initio Simulation on Deposit Process of Al on Si Surface

Ab Initio Calculations on Magnetic Properties of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Ab Initio Simulation on Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Nanostructures under Deformation

Electronic Structure and Transport in Biological Inorganic Hybrid Materials

Fast Density-Functional-Theory Calculation With Q-Chem Program

Mechanics of silicon nanowires: size-dependent elasticity from first principles

Moisture Assisted Electron Transport in Si-C Nanotubes: an ab-initio study

ab initio calculation

Boron Diffusion and Activation in Silicon in the Presence of Other Species

Change of the Electronic Conductivity of CNTs and Graphene Sheets Caused by a Three-dimensional Strain Field