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Seth Coe-Sullivan

Seth Coe-Sullivan

QD Vision Inc.

Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Member of the Board of Directors

Seth Coe-Sullivan is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of QD Vision. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May 2005, and his thesis work on incorporating quantum dots into hybrid organic/inorganic LED structures is the technology that led to the formation of QD Vision. His work spans quantum dot materials, new fabrication techniques, including thin film deposition equipment design, and device architectures for efficient QD-LED light emission.

Seth has more than 20 papers and patents pending in the fields of organic light emitting devices, quantum dot LEDs and nanotechnology fabrication. He was awarded Technology Review Magazine’s TR35 Award in 2006, naming him one of the top 35 innovators under the age of 35. In 2007, BusinessWeek named him one of the top young entrepreneurs under the age of 30, and in 2009 he was a finalist for the Mass Technology Leadership Council’s CTO of the year.

Seth graduated in 1999 from Brown University with an Sc.B. in electrical engineering. He then spent a year as a Staff Engineer at the Boston based research company Foster-Miller, Inc., in the Emerging Technology division of the Materials Technology Group, before departing for MIT. Seth is honored to sit on Brown University’s Engineering Advisory Council, and to be a member of the National Research Council’s Committee to Develop a Nanomaterials Environmental Health and Safety Research Strategy.

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