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William Moffitt

William Moffitt

Nanosphere, Inc.

President and CEO

William Moffitt became President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Nanosphere, Inc. in July 2004. Nanosphere (NSPH) is developing and commercializing a nanotechnology-based molecular diagnostics platform for earlier detection of disease and economical decentralization of complex genetic testing. Mr. Moffitt has 35 years of experience in the diagnostics and medical device industry, and has spent the last 20 years developing novel technologies into products and solutions that have helped shape the industry.

Prior to joining Nanosphere, he served as president and CEO of i-STAT Corporation, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of diagnostic products that pioneered the point-of-care blood analysis market. Mr. Moffitt led i-STAT from its early research stage to commercialization and through its initial public offering in 1992 to its acquisition by Abbott Laboratories in 2003. Prior to i-STAT, Mr. Moffitt held increasingly responsible executive positions from 1973 through 1989 with Baxter Healthcare Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of health care products, and American Hospital Supply Corporation, a diversified manufacturer and distributor of health care products, which Baxter acquired in 1985. Prior to entering the medical device and diagnostics field, Mr. Moffitt was director of an experimental education program in science funded under Title III of ESEA in the city school system in Washington, N.C.

Mr. Moffitt is also active on the boards of other companies and industry associations. He is non-executive chairman of the board of Glysure, Ltd., a privately held U.K.-based company developing continuous intravascular blood glucose measuring devices for monitoring insulin therapy in critical care settings; he is a director of Nevro, Inc., a privately-held company developing therapeutic pain management devices and, he is a director and a member of the executive committee of the Illinois Biotechnology Association (“iBIO”) where he also serves as an entrepreneurial coach for start-up companies.

Moffitt earned a B.S. in Zoology from Duke University.

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