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Brent M. Segal

Brent M. Segal

Lockheed Martin, Director of Research Science

Lockheed Martin Nanosystems, Chief Technologist

Dr. Brent M. Segal is a Director of Research Science at Lockheed Martin and Chief Technologist for Lockheed Martin Nanosystems following the acquisition of the Nantero Government Business in 2008. In his role at Lockheed Martin, Brent has a broad charter to integrate nanotechnology throughout the Lockheed Martin product portfolio. In addition Brent is active in the Healthcare, Energy and Cleantech spaces acting as a technology scout bringing small companies and university projects to Lockheed Martin. He assists with government program management for projects involving sensors, nanoelectronics, and materials science with DOD, DOE, and other customers.

Brent received a B.S. in Biochemistry from Reed College and a PhD in Chemistry from Harvard University.

Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Brent co-founded and served as the Chief Operating Officer of Nantero, a leading Nanotechnology company where he generated more than 100 patents and applications. Nantero raised $31.5 M in three private equity rounds (DFJ, CRV and Globespan) and secured government programs totaling in excess of $50 M.

In his spare time Brent enjoys NFL football, specifically monitoring the 49ers. Brent’s passion for energy issues has led him to explore deals involving reduction of global CO2 levels through the use of renewable energy sources such as biofuels, photovoltaics, wind power and fuel cells.

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