Index of Authors

Zou, Y.K.

YAG:Ce3+ Nanophosphor Synthesized with Salted Sol-Gel Method

Upconverting Nanophosphors for High Temperature Sensing Applications

Zourob, M.

Highly robust array of nanosensing platform for biosensing application

Zouzelka, R.

Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for the conservation of the materials of cultural heritage

Micellar solutions as environmentally-friendly agents for cleaning artworks

Zoval, J.

Detection of DNA Hybridyzation with Impedance Amplifying Labels

Electrical Detection of DNA Hybridization using Adjacent Impedance Probing (AIP) Method

Fabrication of Nanometer-Sized Structures by C-NEMS Technology

Compact Disc (CD)-Based Automated Animal Assay

Zoval, J.V.

Fast DNA Immobilization and Hybridization on a CD (Compact Disc) Microfluidic Platform

Zu, Y.

Methodology for Calibrating Process and Device Simulators by Extracting Model Parameters from Electrical Data

Zubert, M.

RESCUER – the New and Effective Tool for Automatic Models Reduction – Application for Electro-Thermal Problems

The New Approach to the Power Semiconductor Devices Modelling

The Microchips for Alzheimer Disease Diagnosis

An Interactive Website as a Tool for CAD of Power Circuits

Effective Modelling and Simulation of Over-Heated Actuators

Electro-Static Membrane Model in CAD

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Florid Plaque in variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Diseases

The Application of GHMRF to 3-D Synthetic Proliferation

The accurate Electro-Thermal Model of Merged SiC PiN Schottky Diodes