Index of Authors

Zhu, J.

Numerical Simulation on Nonlinear Response of Two-Dimensional Electron Plasmas in the Field Effect Transistor Structures

Zhu, J.-G.

Development of Methanol Based Reactive Ion Etching Processes for Nanoscale Magnetic Devices

Fabrication and Recording of Bit Patterned Media Prepared by Rotary Stage Electron Beam Lithography

Zhu, L.

An Integrated Microfluidic Real-Time PCR System for Pathogen Detection

Zhu, P.

Utility of Customized Targeted PEG Linkers for the delivery of oligonucleotides without the use of transfection reagents

Monte Carlo Simulation of Electrochemical Detection of Redox Molecules with Nanoscale Redoxcycling

Zhu, S.

Electrically-Controlled Drug Release System to Assist Wound Healing

Zhu, T.

Developing PbSe/PbS Core-Shell Nanocrystals Quantum Dots (NQDs) for Light Emitting NQD/Silicon Heterojunctions

Continuous Separation of Non-Magnetic Particles through Negative Magnetophoresis inside Ferrofluids

Zhu, W.

Electrospun Nanocomposite Nerve Guidance Conduits for Peripheral Neural Regeneration

Zhu, X.X.

Nitrocellulose-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles as Low Conversion Temperature Precursors for Inkjet-Printed Electronic Circuits

Zhu, Y.

3-D Computational Modeling of RF MEMS Switches

Carbon nanotube Josephson junctions

Thermal modeling of a PMMA microfluidic separation chip

Carbon nanotube/fused silica composite with gradient structure and carbon fiber/ fused silica back reflection layers for microwave absorbing application

Electropulsing induced nanophase decomposition and structural characteristics of film of alloy ZA27

Compact Modeling of Parameter Variations of Nanoscale CMOS due to Random Dopant Fluctuation

Zhu, Y.H.

Scaling Relation between Current through Suspensions of Carbon-doped TiO2 Nanoparticles in Silicone Oil and Reciprocal of Shear Rate under Combined Electric and Shear Fields

Zhu, Y.T.

Centimetre-Long Carbon Nanotubes from Ethanol Decomposition

Zhu, Z.

Unified Approach to Bulk/SOI/UTB/s-DG MOSFET Compact Modeling