Index of Authors

Zhang, Y.

Experimental Visualization of Bubble Generation and Breakup in T-junctions of Microchannels

Qdots as smart pH probes monitor proton flux driven by ATP synthesis and optical coder for detection various virus

Fate, Transport, and Toxicity of Nanomaterials in Drinking Water

Fluorescence Tags-Based Inspection of Barrier Coatings for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Polymer Packages

Upconverting nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy

Upconverting nanoparticles for in vitro and in vivo cellular imaging

Application of direct growth ZnO nanaotetrapods in field emission device

High lithium ion storage capacity of CO annealed titania nanotube arrays

Layered nanocomposites of plate-like particles and polymers

Zhang, Y.J.

A Specific Surface-coating Peptide for Rare Earth Nanomaterials

Zhang, Y.T.

SOI Processing of a Ring Electrokinetic Chaotic Micromixer

Zhang, Y.Z.

A Novel Biodegradable System Based on BSA/PCL Core-shell Structured Nanofibers for Controlled Drug Delivery

Zhang, Yi

Direct Pulsed Laser Crystallization of Photoactive thin films at Room Temperature

Zhang, Z-q

A highly dispersed Cu-Ni/Ce0.5Zr0.5O2/SBA-15 nanocatalysts: Preparation, characterization and the catalytic application in direct synthesis of dimethyl carbonate

Zhang, Z.

Fabrication and Characterization of Cobalt Particles by Ion-beam Induced Chemical Vapor Deposition (IBICVD)

Nano-granular FePt-Ag Composite Films- Its Magnetic and Magnetotransport Properties

Nano-Hydroxyapatite Coated Acetabular Cup Implant by Electrophoretic Deposition

Synthesis and Testing of Metal and Nitrogen Doped Nano-TiO2

Enhancement of in vitro Capillary Tube Formation by Substrate Nanotopography

Fabrication and assembly of nanowrinkle patterns on metallic surface: a nonlithography method for nano fabrication