Index of Authors

Zhang, Q.

Growth of Uniform CNT Layer on Copper Foil-the Effect of Synthesis Methods/Conditions

The Effects of Surface Treatments on the Growth of CNTs on 3-Dimensional Carbon Foam Structure

CeF3 Fullerene-like Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Upconversion Properties and Application in Photocatalysis Reduction of CO2

Y2O3:Eu3+, Tb3+ sphere particles doped anti-reflection and wavelength conversion bifunctional films: Synthesis and application to solar cells

Zhang, R.

MEMS Pressure Sensor with Two Thin Film Piezoelectric Read-Out

Zhang, S.

Coupled Package-Device Modeling for MEMS

Nano Neuro Knitting: using nanotechnology to repair the brain

A facile low-temperature route for preparing monodisperse Mn3O4 nanopolyhedrons from amorphous MnO2 nanoparticles

Zhang, S.D.

High performance ZnO-based thin film transistor with high-κ gate dielectrics fabricated at low temperature

Zhang, T.

Towards Microelectrofluidic System (MEFS) Computing and Architecture

Hierarchical Simulation for Microelectrofluidic System Performance Analysis

Design of Reconfigurable Composite Microsystems Based on Hardware/Software Co-design Principles

System Performance Evaluation with SystemC for Two PCR Microelectrofluidic Systems

Integrated Hierarchical Design of Microelectrofluidic Systems using SystemC

Reliability of Self-assembled Hydropobic Coatings: Chemical Resistance and Mechanical Durability

Biofunctionalization of laser-ablated gold nanoparticles

Zhang, T.J.

The Microstructure and Computed Magnetic Properties of Nanoscaled Permanent Magnets

Zhang, Tao

Toughening of epoxy matrix fiber reinforced composites with two different nanorubber systems for Advanced Industrial Applications

Zhang, V.

Computational Principles of Primer Design for Site Directed Mutagenesis

Zhang, W.

Determination of Frequency Dependent Fluid Damping of Micro and Nano Resonators for Different Cross-sections