Index of Authors

Yin, J-J.

Removing Active Species by Fullerenol in vitro and in vivo

Yin, J.

Dissolution of Hydrogen Bonded Polymers in Water: From Synthetic to Biopolymers

Microstructure and Stability of Polymer Nanocomposite

Yin, L.

A New Material Interpolation Scheme for the Topology Optimization of Thermally Actuated Compliant Micromechanisms

Ultrafine Carbon Nitride Nanocrystals Synthesized by Laser Ablation in Liquid Solution

Yin, L.J.

Development of the Novel Functionality of Probiotics Fermented Noni Hydrolysates

Yin, X-S

Lithium selective adsorption on low-dimensional TiO2 nanoribbons

Yin, X.J.

Studies on the kinetic properties of photocatalytic degradation of phenol in water using ZnO nanopowder as a photocatalyst

Yin, Y.

Inelastic Light Scattering and Light Emission of Individual and Suspended Carbon Nanotubes

Yin, Z.Y.

InAs Quantum Dots Grown by MOCVD for Mid-infrared Emission

Ying, J.Y.

A Disposable Glucose Biosensor Based on Diffusional Mediator Dispersed in Nanoparticulate Membrane on Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode

Ying, L-Q

Attenuated-Affinity Biotin Analogs for Catch-and-Release with Streptavidin

Yingyuad, P.

Novel Cleavable PEGylated Liposomes for Enzyme Triggerable Release of Nucleic Acid in Tumours

Yiotis, A.G.

Experimental Study of Drying/Evaporation in an Effective 2D Porous Medium

Yip, A.

Modelling of the "Gated-Diode" Configuration in Bulk MOSFET's

Yip, H.L.

Construction and Electrical Characterization of 0.9 nm Tall Channels Made via Pyryl Phosphonic Acid (PYPA) Self-assembly

Yitzchaik, S.

Neuroimaging Distribution of Water Molecules in Brain

Conformational Changes of Acetylcholine During Spontaneous Diffusion Through a Nano/Microporous Gel: Towards a Novel Approach to Biomolecular Hardware

Yiu, C-Y

Characteristic Optimization of Single- and Double-Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistors

Yiu, Y.M.

X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structures at the L3,2 and M3,2 edges: A probe for the electronic behavior of metal nanostructures