Index of Authors

Yang, Y.-S.

Development of Nanoparticle-Based Gold Contrast Agent for Photoacoustic Tomography

Yang, Y.J.

Development of A 4X4 Hybrid Optical Switch

Yang, Y.W.

Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation for size effects on thermal conductivity of silicon nanostructures

Heat Conduction Analysis of Nano-tip in Thermal-assisted Data Storage via Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Yang, Y.X.

A Novel Silicon-based Wideband Nano Switch for RF Applications

Yang, Z.

Nanoprobe for Optical Molecular Imaging

Yang, Z.K.

A modified plasma arc gas condensation technique for the synthesis of tungsten oxide-based materials with various morphologies and structures

Yaniv, Z.

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology:Two New Exciting Fields for Future Display Applications

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology:Two New Exciting Fields for Future Display Applications

Carbon nanotube-reinforced epoxy nanocomposites for mechanical property improvement

Yano, K.

System Model for a Novel No Moving Parts Diffuser Valve Based Diaphragm Actuated Micro Pump

Yano, Y.

Structuring Knowledge Project in Nanotechnology Materials Program – Construction of the Knowledge Infrastructure for Nano-materials and Devices

Yanson, O.I.

A new compact scalable circuit model for RF MEMS switches

Yanushkevich, S.

Benchmarking Performance and Physical Limits of Processing Electronic Device and Systems: Solid-State and Molecular Paradigms

Yao, A.

Fabrication of Luminescent Superparamagnetic CdSe-QDs/SiO2/Fe3O4 nanocomposite particles

Yao, C.

Increased Osteoblast Adhesion on Nano-rough Anodized Titanium and CoCrMo

Yao, G.F.

A Computational Model for Simulation of Electroosmotic Flow in Microsystem

Modeling of Dielectrophoresis for Handling Bioparticles in Microdevices

Yao, J.

Liposome Encapsulation of Fluorescent Nanoparticles: Quantum Dots and Silica Nanoparticles

Passive Elements Modeling in Microwave/Millimeter-wave application