Index of Authors

Yang, X.

Synthesis and characterization of methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-O-chitosan-polyethylenimine as a noviral carrier for gene delivery and expression

Yang, Y-H

Effects of Nano-Scale Core-Shell Rubber on the Volume Shrinkage for Unsaturated Polyester

Yang, Y-J

Macromodel Extraction of Gas Damping Effects for Perforated Surfaces with Arbitrarily-Shaped Geometries

Time-Domain Reduced-Order Models of Lateral Viscous Damping Effects for 3-D Geometries

A Methodology of Field-Emission Modeling with Space-Charge Effects

Heat Transfer Macromodels for MEMS Devices with 3D Geometries

Guidelines of Creating Krylov-subspace Macromodels for Lateral Viscous Damping Effects

Parallelization of BEM Electrostatic Solver Using a PC Cluster

MEMS/NEMS Dynamics Measurement Tool Using The Stroboscopic Principle

Development of a 3-D Finite-element Solver for Piezoelectric Transformer Analysis

Macromodeling for Microfluidic Channels

Optimization of Piezoelectric Transformers Using Elite Genetic Algorithm

Transient Analysis of Snap-through Behavior of a MEMS Optical Switch

Fabrication and Characterization of Thermo-pneumatic Peristaltic Micropumps

Yang, Y-J.

Optimization of Disk-type Piezoelectric Transformers

Yang, Y-W

Nano-Structured Vaccine Delivery

Yang, Y.

Dyeing and Fastness Properties of Acid Dyeable Polypropylene Nanocomposite

A Solid Electrolyte Valve for Micro/Nano-fluidics

CeF3 Fullerene-like Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Upconversion Properties and Application in Photocatalysis Reduction of CO2

Yang, Y.-J.

A Pressure Sensor Array with Sensing Ragnes Tunable by Drving Frequency