Index of Authors

Yang, M.-C.

Evaluation of F127 / chitosan hydrogel as a scaffold for bone repair

Yang, M.-D.

Mn-Zn Ferrite and Photosensitizer Co-Loaded Cancer Theranostic Agent for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy

Yang, O-B

Synthesis and characterization of a highly cross linked PEGME and PEG for solid electrolyte and its application in dye-sensitized solar cells

Yang, Q.

Alignment Characteristic and Mechanism of Carbon Nanotubes Synthesized by Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition in a CH4/H2 Plasma

Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with _-lactalbumin and _-lactoglobulin

Molecular dynamics simulation of the transport of H2, O2, Ar, CH4 and n-C4H10 in composite poly (4-methyl-2-pentyne) and nanoparticle of cristobalite silica and faujasite silica

Yang, R-J

Electrokinetic and Hydrodynamic Focusing/Switching in Microfluidics

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Focusing in Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Microchannels

Enhancement of micro-flow mixing using DC nonlinear electrokinetic vortices

Using epoxy resin to fabricate a master for microfluidic devices in poly(dimethylsiloxane)

Yang, R.

Fluorescence Tags-Based Inspection of Barrier Coatings for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Polymer Packages

Yang, R.-J.

An Integrated Optofluidic System for Two-Dimensional Focus Point Control

Yang, S-J

A Novel Detection of Early Colorectal Cancer by Chitosan Nanoparticles Conjugated with Folic Acid

Colorectal Cancer Cell Detection by Chitosan Nanoparticle Conjugated with Folic Acid

Chitosan Nanoparticle Combined with Ultrasound for Cervical Cancer Detection

Yang, S.

Preparation and Property of Novel CMC-tactile Sensors

An Embedded Atom Method for Alloy Nanoparticles

New Finite Element Method Modeling for contractile Forces of Cardiomyocytes on Hybrid Biopolymer Microcantilevers

Subthreshold Operation of Schottky Barrier Silicon Nanowire FET

Yang, S.-Y.

Quantitative Synchrotron Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering Analysis of Cylindrical Nanostructure in Supported Thin Films