Index of Authors

Willander, M.

A novel on chip analysis of dissolved Hg(II) in drinking water

Willatzen, M.

Modelling Coupled Motion of Electrons in Quantum Dots with Wetting Layers

Modelling Coupled Motion of Electrons in Quantum Dots with Wetting Layers

Valence-band Energies of GaAs/AlGaAs and InGaAs/InP V-groove [1-10] Quantum Wires

Willems, M.

Functionalized Inorganic Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications

Willemsen, M.B.

Compact Modelling of High-Voltage LDMOS Devices

High-Voltage LDMOS Compact Modeling

Willert-Porada, M.

Development of Functionally Graded SiC-Based

Development of a Mobile Asbestos Decontamination Process

Microbial fuel cell

Willey, A.

Ultrasonic Spraying of Carbon Nanotubes using NMP

Williams, A.

Using Chondroitin Sulfate to Synthesize Nanoparticles

Williams, B.B.

Multivalent Circular Aptamers: Versatile Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications

Williams, C.B.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Quantum Dot Nano-Inks

Williams, D.

Automated Microfluidic Chip and System for the Synthesis of Radiopharmaceuticals on Human-Dose Scales

Williams, G.R.

Electrospun 5-fluorouracil loaded bovine serum albumin-polyvinylpyrrolidone nanofibers

Williams, J.D.

Drug Delivery with Light-Activated Gold-Coated Liposomes

Investigations on Transmembrane Ion Channels Suspended over Porous Silicon Membranes

Williams, J.G.

Fluorescent Structural DNA Nanoparticles Functionalized With Phosphate-Linked Nucleotide Triphosphates

Williams, K.

Synthesis and Self-assembling Properties of Functionalized Glycolipids