Index of Authors

White, J.K.

A Fast Stokes Solver for Generalized Flow Problems

Fast Fluid Analysis for Multibody Micromachined Devices

Automatic Generation of Small-Signal Dynamic Macromodels from 3-D Simulation

Improving Trajectory Piecewise-Linear Approach to Nonlinear Model Order Reduction for Microm䁡chined Devices Using an Aggregated Projection Basis

Efficiency Improvements in Fast Stokes Solvers

Fast Methods for Biomolecule Charge Optimization

Biomolecule Electrostatic Optimization with an Implicit Hessian

Dealing with Stiffness in Time-Domain Stokes Flow Simulation

Perturbation Analysis of TBR Model Reduction in Application to Trajectory-Piecewise Linear Algorithm for MEMS Structures

A pFFT Accelerated Linear Strength BEM Potential Solver

A Curved Panel Integration Technique for Molecular Surfaces

A Robust Approach for Estimating Diffusion Constants from Concentration Data in Microchannel Mixers

A Nyström-Like Approach to Integral Equations with Singular Kernels

White, K.A.

The bijel: a bicontinuous interfacially jammed emulsion gel

White, M.

Ligand-dependent changes in the SPR of magnetic nanoparticles

Development of Durable Nanostructured Superhydrophobic Self-Cleaning Surfaces in Glass Substrates

White, M.A.

Reclaimed Laminate Waste as Novel, Heat Transfer Enhancing, Encapsulation for Long-term PCM Heat Storage

White, N.

Intelligent Sensors: Systems or Components?

White, N.M.

Numerical Modelling of a Microfluidic Ultrasonic Particle Separator

Information Controlled Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy Aware Nodes