Index of Authors

Weller, H.

Water-soluble nanoparticles as an universal imaging tool

Encapsulation of nanoparticles with multifunctional, cross-linkable diblock copolymers for biomedicine

Synthesis of Ultra Small Biocompatible Magnetic Nanocomposites by Seeded Emulsion Polymerization

Wellmann, P.J.

Conductance Enhancement of Nanoparticulate Indium Tin Oxide Layers Made by Printing Technique

Welp, E.G.

Investigation into the Standardization of Micromechanical Components and their Simulation and Computation Using FEM -- Case Study of Diaphragms

Welp, U.

Magnetic Antidot Arrays with a Storage Density of 10 Gbits/cm2

Wen, D.

Comparison and Critical Analysis of Experimental Results and Correlations for Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids

Wen, J.

Plasmonic Nanobubbles for Intracellular Targeting and Gene Therapy

Wen, J.T.

Dynamic Modeling and Input Shaping for MEMS

Wen, L.P.

A Specific Surface-coating Peptide for Rare Earth Nanomaterials

Wen, S-Y

Design and Analysis of The CMOS Spatial Light Modulators with Flat Beam Profiles

Wen, Y.

Optimal Design of A Tuning Fork Gyroscope and Its Testing Experiment

Weng, C-H

Photocatalytic disinfection of E. coli using tourmaline-N-doped TiO2 composite

Weng, H.F.

Evaluation of Uncertainty in Nanoparticle Size Measurement by Differential Mobility Analysis

Weng, K-Y

An Approach for Fabrication of Polymer-based Bio-analytical Microfluidic Devices

Planarize the Sidewall Ripples of Silicon Deep Reactive Ion Etching

Weng, K.C.

Optimizing Quantum Dot-Conjugated Immunoliposomes for Cancer Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutics

Weng, K.Y.

Temperature Uniformity and DNA Amplification Efficiency in Micromachined Glass PCR Chip

Weng, M.H.

Nanoimprint Mold Manufacturing with Focused Ion Beam

Weng, M.Q.

Theory of Spin Transport in an n-typed GaAs Quantum Well