Index of Authors

Wang, H.P.

Preparation of nitrogen-doped mesoporous TiO2 with a room-temperature ionic liquid

Preparation of Nanosize Copper Recycled from an Electroplating Wastewater

Mesoporous TiO2 hollow spheres on a DSSC photoanode

Chemical structure of ZnO nanorod array on a DSSC photoanode

High-temperature Desulfurization with Nanosize ZnO

Simultaneous Desulfurization and Particulate Removal with ZnO Dispersed Ceramic Filters at High Temperatures

Preparation of size-controllable (Cu-ZnO)@C core- and yolk-shell nanoparticles

Wang, H.T.

Supported Mixed Metal Nanoparticles and PFA-Nafion Nanocomposite Membrane for Low Temperature Fuel Cells

Colloidal Structure-directing-agent-free Hydroxy-sodalite Nanocrystals

Wang, J-K

Effect of Pressure Variation on Inkjet-Printed Line Pattern with Various Step Sizes of Ejected Droplets

Wang, J-S

Improved O(N) Neighbor List Method Using Domain Decomposition and Data Sorting

Wang, J-S.

Hybrid P-Element and Trefftz Method for Capacitance Computation

Wang, J.

Accurate Inductance Extraction with Permeable Materials Using Qualocation

A Wide Frequency Range Surface Integral Formulation for 3-D Inductance and Resistance Extraction

Analytical Pull-in Study on Non-Deformable Electrostatic Micro Actuators

Diamond Materials for MEMS and NEMS Structures and Devices

High Resolution Compton Imaging of Nanostructures

Microfabrication of 3D Structures Using Novel Thermoplastic Elastomers

A new system of composites: MWNT-mullite

A Simple Method to Prepare Template-removed Zeolite MFI Nanomaterials