Index of Authors

Woods, K.N.

Allosteric pathway formation in globin proteins explored with network analysis models

Woods, L.M.

Electronic structure of single wall carbon nanotubes under transverse external electric fields, radial deformations and defects

Long-Range Interactions in Quasi-One Dimensional Cylindrical Structures

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Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Spinning Disc Processing

Synthesis and characterisation of flame-sprayed superparamagnetic bare and silica-coated maghemite nanoparticles

Woodworth, C.D.

Loss of Elasticity of Ageing Epithelial Cells, and Its Possible Reversal

Fluorescent Silica Beads for Detection of Cervical Cancer

Woolley, J.L.

Partnering in Nanotechnology Ventures: Critical Decision Factors

Worayingyong, A.

The effect of promoters on reduction of Ru/ZrO2/Co/SiO2 catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis as studied by in situ XANES.

Structural characterization and photocatalytic activity of electrospun TiO2 and Ce-doped TiO2 nanofibers

Wörhoff, K.

Application of focused ion beam technology for photonic nanostructures

Workman, G.

A Surface-Potential-Based Compact Model of NMOSFET Gate Tunneling Current

A Surface-Potential-Based Extrinsic Compact MOSFET Model

Wormuth, K.

Environmental Digital Pulsed Force Mode AFM in Biomedical Coatings Research

Worsfold, O.

Optical Detection of Integrin AvB3 Using a Nanostructured Lipid Bilayer Membrane Biosensor

Multifunctional Bio-Nano Patterns Derived from Colloidal Self-Assembly as Model Surfaces to Study Antigen-Antibody Interactions

Wos, J.

Innovative Treatment of Shale Fracturing Flowback and Produced Water for Reuse or Discharge

Wosik, J.

Complex Permittivity Measurements of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes at Microwave Frequencies

Dielectrophoresis and Comsol Simulation of Cell Entrapment At Electrodes

BioMEMS for Mitochondriaa Medicine