Index of Authors

Wolffenbuttel, R.F.

Load-Deflection of a Low-Stress SiN-Membrane/Si-Frame Composite Diaphragm

Analytical Modelling for Accelerometers with Electrically Tunable Sensitivity

Modelling of Integrated Peltier Elements

Wolfrum, C.

One-pot Ultrafast Synthesis of Stable and Surface Functionalized Nanoparticles

Wolkow, R.A.

Understanding Charge Dynamics in Silicon Dangling Bond Structures for Nanoscale Devices

Wollfenbuttel, R.F.

A Full-System Dynamic Model for Complex MEMS Structures

Analytical Model for the Pull-in Time of Low-Q MEMS Devices

Wolmarans, F.

Harnessing the resistive-elastic behavior of novel CNT-graphene hybrid foams for practical sensing applications

Wolpert, D.

Finite Size Effects In Ferroelectric Nanosystems: Absence of mode softening

Wolters, D.

A Modeling Approach based on Laminated Plate Theory to Design Microbeams

Won, S.

Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy using a Commercially Available SPM Unit

Health Monitoring of Carbon/Carbon Composites Monitored by Ultrasonic TOF Technique

Won, T-Y

A Novel Scheme of Mesh Generation from an Arbitrary Topography for MEMS Analysis

Won, T.

Modeling of Ultra-low Energy Ion Implantation by Monte-Carlo Method

A Methodology for Modeling a Complex Geometry on Wafer from a Layout Data

Modeling and Simulation of 3D Structures for Gigabit DRAM

Modeling of Deposition Process by Level Set Method

Extraction of Coupled RLC Network from Multi-level Interconnects for Full Chip Simulation

Atomistic Process and Simulation in the Regime of sub-50nm Gate Length

Molecular Dynamics (MD) Calculation on Ion Implantation Process with Dynamic Annealing for Ultra-shallow Junction Formation