Index of Authors

Wittwer, J.W.

Modeling the Effects of Joint Clearances in Planar Micromechanisms

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Novel Nanoelectromechanical Relay Design Procedure for Logic and Memory Applications

Contact resistance modeling for NEMS ohmic relays using highly doped SiGe contact material

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Investigation into the Standardization of Micromechanical Components and their Simulation and Computation Using FEM -- Case Study of Diaphragms

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Simulation and Fabrication of Large Area 3D Nanostructures

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Flat Fluidics: Programmable On-Chip Networks for Biological and Chemical Applications

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Iron-oxide nanoparticle synthesis from liquid spray flames under variable pressure conditions

Wo, A.M.

Transmission Spectrum of PDMS in 4-7µm Mid-IR Range for Characterization of Protein Structure

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A Collaborative Approach to Architectural and Societal Issues in Nanotechnology

Wohltjen, H.

CB Nanosensors

Metal-Insulator-Metal Ensemble (MIME) Chemical Detectors

Wojcik, J.

Effect of Strain on the Oxidation Rate of Silicon Germanium Alloys

Wojciukiewicz, D.

NANOCYTES-Technology – Biomimetic nanoparticles for molecular recognition by molecular imprinting

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Dislocation Processes and Deformation Twinning in Nanocrystalline Al

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Molecular-Dynamics Study of Physical Properties in Sintered Nano-Particles

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Three-Dimensional Single Step Flow Sheathing in Micro Cell Sorters

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Silicon Nanoparticles contacted by metal nanogaps for FET applications

Solution-processed ZnO Single Nanoparticle Transistor Using Water-based Dispersions

Inverter Circuits Based on Low-Temperature Solution-Processed ZnO Nanoparticle Thin-Film Transistors