Index of Authors

Van DerVeer, D.

Synthesis, Characterization and Sampling of GaP Nanoparticles for Light Emissive Devices

van Driel, W.D.

The mechanical stiffness and the size effect of the silicon based nano-structures using molecular dynamic (MD) simulation

Van Duyne, R.P.

Continuous Sensing of blood by dark-field microscopy and surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

van Eekelen, J.

New Method for large Area NIL - SCIL

van Embden, J.

Quantum Dot Modified Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes

van Es, M.

Carbon Nanotube- and Nanofibre-reinforced Polymer Fibres

Van Gelder, P.

Development of a Novel Triblock Copolymer Therapeutic Nanoreactor

van Hoeve, W.

Generation of monodisperse microemulsions in the colloidal range and stabilized monodisperse microbubbles with diameters of $5$ microns using two different types of micro fluidic devices

Van Horn, C.E.

The Workforce Needs of Nanotechnology Firms: An In-Depth Study of Biotechnology, Microelectronics and Optics Firms in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona

van Laake, L.C.

A latex-based concept for obtaining carbon nanotube-polymer nanocomposites

van Langevelde, R.

RF Applications of MOS Model 11

Noise Modeling with MOS Model 11 for RF-CMOS Applications

Recent Enhancements of MOS Model 11

Introduction to PSP MOSFET Model

Advanced Compact Models for MOSFETs

Compact Modelling of High-Voltage LDMOS Devices

Recent Enhancements of MOS Model 11

Noise Modeling with MOS Model 11 for RF-CMOS Applications

Theory and Modeling Techniques used in PSP Model

High-Voltage LDMOS Compact Modeling