Index of Authors

von Preissig, F.J.

Topics in Finite-Element Modeling of Piezoelectric MEMS Devices

von Rechenberg, B.

Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Multiple Biomedical Applications

von Rohr, Ph.R.

Surface modification of powders and nanostructure deposition in the afterglow of a low power barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure

Wet organometallic chemistry for palladium nanoparticles synthesis performed in an organic media and under supercritical conditions in microreactors

Nanoscale Plasma Surface Modification of Powders

von Sosen, H.

A Methodology for System Level Simulation, Modeling and Optimization of MEMS Devices

Vora, A.

Enhanced RO Performance of Polyamide Bi-layer Membranes Prepared by Sequential Interfacial Polymerization

Computer modeling of water and salt transport in RO membrane active layers

Vorobjev, I.

The development of multicolor panels with Quantum Dots-conjugated antibodies for diagnostics of Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia (CLL) by conventional flow cytometer

Qdot® nanocrystals in intracellular flow: ZAP-70, KI-67 and five-colors fluorophores panel

Voronov, A.

Smart Silver Nanoparticles from Nanoreactors made by Invertible Polyesters

Invertible Polymers for the Stabilization of Nanoparticles

Vörös, J.

Nanoscale Bio-Molecular Control Using EC-OWLS

From Particle Self-Assembly to the Creation of Biologically Relevant Nanopatterns

Vorozhtsov, G.N.

Laser Heating of Sulphuretted Carbon Nanoparticles Inhibits Tumor Growth

New efficient nanostructural near-IR photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy of malignancies based on micellar dispersion of zinc octa-4,5-decylthio-3,6-chloro-phthalocyanine

Influence of liposome size on accumulation in tumor and therapeutic efficiency of liposomal near-IR photosensitizer for PDT based on aluminum hydroxide tetra-3-phenylthiophthalocyanine

Contrasting agent for magnetic resonance imaging based on nanostructural dispersion of Manganese derivative of phthalocyanine: preliminary investigation results

Voruganti, H.K.

A Simple Surface Representation Scheme for Rigid Body Docking

Voskoboynikov, O.

Spin Dependent Boundary Conditions and Spin Splitting in Cylindrical Quantum Dots