Index of Authors

van den Berg, A.

Simulation of Electro-Osmotically Driven Microsythesis Systems

Scaling Behavior of Pressure-Driven Micro-Hydraulic Systems

van den Einden, W.

III-V semiconductor nanowires grown on silicon for vertical devices

van den Vlekkert, H.

Modular Design Approaches for MicroFluidic Systems

van der Akker, B.

Novel Ion Beam Tools for Nanofabrication

van der Giessen, E.

Size Effects and Scaling in Misfit Dislocation Formation in Self Assembled Quantum Dots

van der Graaf, S.

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of emulsification in microfluidics devices

van der Hout, R.

Compact Modelling of High-Voltage LDMOS Devices

van der Lelie, D.

DNA-guided Assembly of Organized Nano-Architectures

van der Schoot, B.

Modelling and Optimization of a Vaporizer for Inhalation Drug Therapy

Thermal Management of Micro-Hotplates using MEMCAD as Simulation Tool

van der Schoot, P.

A latex-based concept for obtaining carbon nanotube-polymer nanocomposites

van der Sluis, O.

The mechanical stiffness and the size effect of the silicon based nano-structures using molecular dynamic (MD) simulation

van der Sman, R.G.M.

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of emulsification in microfluidics devices

van der Straaten, T.

Combining Computational Chemistry and Computational Electronics to Understand Protein Ion Channels

Application of Grid Focusing Methodology to Transport Monte Carlo Model for Ion Channel Simulations

van der Straaten, T.A.

Three-Dimensional Continuum Simulation of Biological Ion Channels

Equilibrium Structure of Electrolyte calculated using Equilibrium Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, and Boltzmann Transport Monte Carlo Simulations

BioMOCA: A Transport Monte Carlo Approach to Ion Channel Simulation

van der Toorn, R.

RF-noise modeling in MOSFETs: excess noise, symmetry, and causality