Index of Authors

Venkateswarlu, M.

Electrical conductivity studies of ZnO dispersed PVdF-HFP nanocomposite solid polymer electrolyte for Lithium batteries

Electrical conductivity studies of nanocrystalline Dy3+ doped SrMoO4 synthesised by sol-gel process

Effect of SiO2 on the electrical and magnetical properties of nanocrystalline NiFe2O4

AC Conductivity, Dielectric and Electric Modulus Studies of Nanocrystalline LiCoO2 Particles

Electrical conductivity studies of nanocrystalline Dy3+ doped CaMoO4 synthesized by sol-gel process

Venkateswarlub, M.

Surface modification of nanocrystalline LiCoO2 particles with rare earth oxides using polymeric resin process

Venkateswerlu, M.

Synthesis and electrical conductivity studies of PEO + LiClO4 + TiO2 + MoO3 nanocomposite solid polymer electrolyte

Venkatraman, V.L.

Iridium Oxide Nanowire Monitors for Protein Detection

A Comparative Analysis of Iridium Oxide Nanowires in Electrical Detection of Biochemical Reactions

Vennapureddy, A.

Use of Bio-Diesel as an Alternative Fuel and its Effects on Environment

Ventikos, Y.

Cerebral Oxygen Diffusion and Transport, at the Microscopic Level, and BOLD fMRI

Nanodroplet Impact on Liquid Substrates via Molecular Dynamics

Ultrasound-driven viscous streaming, modelled via momentum injection

Ventosa, N.

Quatsomes: highly stable nanovesicles formed by sterols and

Quatsomes: vesicles formed by self-assembly of sterols and

2D Engineering of Protein-Based Nanoparticles for cell guidance

Venugopal, G.

Scalable Manufacturing of Nanopowders by Solution Combustion Processing

Venugopal, R.

Solid Modeling of Nanoscale Artifacts

Venugopal Reddy, P.

Preparation and Characterization of Mn and Co substituted nano particle ZnO

Influence of nano size on various properties of Sn1-xCoxO2 nanocrystalline Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors