Index of Authors

Vaseashta, A.

Smog Analysis in Urban Areas Using ASTER Data and Its Analysis of Variance with In-Situ Sensors Data

Vasenkov, A.V.

Multi-Scale Modeling of Processing of Carbon Nanotubes

Multi-Scale Computational Framework: Theoretical approach and application for the growth of carbon nanotubes

Modeling of multi-scale processes during plasma-assisted growth of carbon nanotubes

Low-temperature growth of carbon nanofibers by selective heating of catalyst

Novel Reactor Utilizing Selective Heating Catalytic Nanoparticles for Low-Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes

Multiscale modeling carbon nanotube growth on a supercapacitor electrode

Direct growth of carbon nanotubes on a plastic substrate

Vashisth, C.

Self Healing Hybrid Coating for Aggressive Environment

Vasi, J.

Closed Form Current and Conductance Model for Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs using Field-dependent Mobility and Body Doping

Vasicek, L.

Characterization of CdSe Nanocrystals and their Interaction with Micellar Aggregates by Means of Capillary Electrophoretic Techniques

Vasilache, V.

Cobalt doped ZnO prepared by electrochemistry: chemistry, morphology, and magnetism

Vasileiades, N.

Influence of the Microstructure of the Catalyst Layer on the Performance of the PEMFC Cathode

Vasileska, D.

The Influence of Space Quantization Effect on the Threshold Voltage, Inversion Layer and Total Gate Capacitance in Scaled Si-MOSFETs

An Overview of the 3D Simulation Efforts at Arizona State University Directed Towards Understanding Transport in the Quantum Dots and the Ultra-Small Devices of the Future

Modeling On-Currents for n-MOSFETs: Ultimate Limits vs. the NTRS

Simulations for Optimized Piezoresistors

Monte-Carlo Simulation of GaAs Devices Using High Generality Object-Oriented Code and Encapsulated Scattering Tables

Modeling Artificial Molecules Composed of Coupled Quantum Dots

Discrete Impurity Effects in Silicon Quantom Dots